GBGP software

This is the feature request, issue and bug tracking wiki website for the Ground-Based GNSS Package (GBGP).

It comprises software (as source code) and supporting build and test scripts, data files and documentation to assist data suppliers to convert their native file formats to the so-called COST-format and COST-format files to WMO BUFR for dissemination via the GTS. The tools include comprehensive data checking, optionally enhanced with checks against a dynamic meta-data database.

The ROM SAF project wiki page for team members is located  here.

GBGP basic code is heavily based on the Met Office's GWVBUFR package originally developed for the EUMETNET E-GVAP project, but with the build system, testing and formal release procedures and user support (Help Desk) following those of the ROPP ROM SAF deliverable. The first public version of GBGP, GBGP-1.0, was released in June 2019. No further development is planned. GBGP support is available through the ROM SAF helpdesk.

The GBGP deliverable source code is provided in a single module (tarball), consisting of:

  • utils : generic low-level utility routines
  • lib : GB-GNSS data-specific interfaces
  • tools : command-line conversion and encoder tools
  • scripts : supporting shell scripts
  • data : run-time data files
  • tests : user-level tests
  • docs : user documentation

Supporting modules for the source code, documentation and testing are:

  • gbgp_src : source code, build and configure scripts for GBGP and dependency packages
  • gbgp_doc : user and project documentation for GBGP
  • gbgp_test : GBGP 'Test Folder' system

Further information on GBGP, including the Release Notes, Overview and User Guide, is available from the  GBGP page of the ROM SAF website.

The GBGP Repository

This GBGP Repository can only be accessed by authorized developers - login required.

For instructions on how to access the GBGP Repository (authorized users only) see the instructions for developers.

GBGP Release