This is the main wiki page for the PARF Trac. It contains tickets and milestones related to the development of the public  ROM SAF website. It also contains information about the structure and access rights of the website.

The ROM SAF project wiki page for team members is located  here.

Helpdesk, UNS Service, News

-  Helpdesk administration

-  New UNS notification

-  Add new News

- Our  Twitter account


-  NRT

-  Climate


-  Old GPAC

-  GPAC Climate

-  Nagios

-  Elog

Website menus and "the colors"

The menus on the website are color-coded according to different levels of access rights:

- blue: public and registered users

- green: users with "priviledge" rights

- orange: users with team rights

- red: users with admin rights

The website  sitemap shows this in more detail (after login).


- List of websitealiases

- All ROM SAF Trac projects:

- Complete listing of all local PARF wiki pages: TitleIndex

- Description of deployment

Version checkout procedure:

cd ~/dvl
mv web2 web2_bck
svn list # list available version numbers
svn co web2