ROPP software

This is the feature request, issue and bug tracking wiki website for the Radio Occultation Processing Package (ROPP).

ROPP is a software package designed to assist users to assimilate radio occultation data from any RO mission into NWP and other models. The package is being developed through the EUMETSAT  ROM SAF. The ROM SAF project wiki page for team members is located  here.

The latest full release of ROPP (ROPP-9 v9.1) is currently available for users via the  ROM SAF web pages. The next major release (ROPP-10 v10.0) is currently under development and is hoped to be released to users in Q1 2020.

The ROPP deliverable source code is sub-divided into modules:

  • ropp_utils : low-level utility routines
  • ropp_io : I/O support for RO data in netCDF, GRIB and BUFR files
  • ropp_pp : preprocessor to derive refractivity, bending angle and dry temperature profiles from excess phase and amplitude; wave optics propagation tool
  • ropp_fm : forward models (and associated tangent linear, adjoint and gradient code)
  • ropp_1dvar : 1D-Var retrieval & minimizer
  • ropp_apps : tropopause height and planetary boundary layer height diagnostic tools

Supporting modules for documentation, testing and building the source are:

  • ropp_doc : user and project documentation for ROPP
  • ropp_test : 'Test Folder' system
  • ropp_bld : build and configure scripts for ROPP and dependency packages

Further information on ROPP, including the Release Notes, Overview and module User Guides, is available from the  ROPP page of the ROM SAF website.

The ROPP Repository

This ROPP Repository can only be accessed by authorized developers - login required.

For instructions on how to access the ROPP repository (authorized users only) see the instructions for developers.

The ROPP Coordination Group (ROPP CG)

This body (formerly The ROPP Governance Group) meets approximately once every six months to discuss forthcoming ROPP developments, to set priorities for implementation, and to provide a forum for general liaison between developers. Representatives from each ROM SAF Cooperating Entity are invited.

The formation of an ROPP Coordination Group was one of the agreed conclusions from a discussion on the ways of developing ROPP in future.

Here are the ROPP CG Terms of Reference.

1st meeting, 20 June 2012 Agenda Minutes

2nd meeting, 5 October 2012 Agenda Minutes

3rd meeting, 1 April 2014 Agenda Minutes

4th meeting, 29 July 2014 Agenda Minutes

5th meeting, 9 September 2015 Agenda and decisions

6th meeting, 14 February 2019 Agenda and decisions

7th meeting, 6 June 2019 Agenda and decisions

8th meeting, 13 November 2019 Agenda and decisions

ROPP Release