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The ROPP Repository

The whole ROPP development system is divided into three areas:

  • ropp_src : deliverable code & supporting development system
  • ropp_doc : user and project documentation
  • ropp_test : Test Folder (test system and its results)

The repository for ROPP can be accessed via the Subversion server at the URL

For a complete list of Subversion commands see the  SVN reference manual

Checking out trunk

To  checkout the latest development (trunk) versions:

svn checkout . 
svn checkout . 
svn checkout .

This will check out the source code, documentation, and test folder, respectively to the local working directory.


Developments to ROPP should be made from, and committed to, a  branch rather than directly to the latest trunk version. This allows changes to be tested before merging the required changes back into the trunk. The trunk therefore represents a stable 'next potential release' state for ROPP. Branches can be temporary and might be for working on resolving a specific Trac Ticket.

Instructions for developers working with branches in ROPP are available  here.